We achieve 

Poornatva by building a Strong community of 


in your organisation to drive Gender Balanced Workforce, Midset and Culture

Why Poornatva 

"Poornatva" a principle and understanding that we are whole and complete. That life is perfect as it is. And it comes with the recognition that the Universe doesn't make mistakes. And part of it's expanding into itself became realized when it made YOU.

The organisations are the miniature of the society or the universe that exists outside. The roles differ but the frequency doesn't because it reflects what you are inside that keeps influencing your behaviour. Today we need Leaders or the Influencers with the Quality of "Poornatva" completeness within which will reflect completeness outside. Once you do the completeness - Poornatva series with us you are ready to build and drive the organisation of Balanced mindsets. 

It will improve the culture, health, interpersonal skills, team dynamics, gender issues, decisions making at all levels.  

There is an essence that's aimed at leading a wholeness within the organisation.

We believe the organisation is a living spirit with its wholeness, which is fragmented and we need Leaders & Influencers to bring it together from time to time. 

Rajashri Rajashekhar 

A researcher of Gender Neutrality, Writer, Public Speaker, Motivator, Influencer, studied Scriptures, Gender Neutral Mindset Coach& seasoned HR professional 

How we do it

We discuss the Schedule & Outcome 

We present our unique methodology to you 

We sign an agreement & Two days in a week are required

We start work with the selected team members 

We achieve milestones every week 

Integration into the Role 

Clifftop Yoga

Begin Your Journey Today.

Life calls for not perfection but completeness 

You have however within you the inclination towards completeness 

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in Harmoney with all existence 

Lets Achieve Poornatva



Corporate Programs - Building the Workplaces like building your own community 

Programs for Women - Gender Neutral Leadership starts with Self to balance opposite Gender

Programs for Men - Gender Neutral Leadership & Engagement 

Programs for Youth - Gender Neutrality way of life Awareness Sessions and Counselling

The Healthy Feed for your Mindset