Poornatva - Gender Neutrality 

Why and How 

Gender Neutrality is described in different ways by many authors based on their understanding of the subject. Everyone has tried to bring out the ​meaning relevant to the search applicable to them. My quest was to bring the balance in society by creating a Gender harmony and dignity. While researching there was a strong understanding of the differences of the Gender yet oneness that is the only way forward to create the equality. In my work, it was discovered that equality is a manifestation of the Neutrality.

The Neutrality needs to be understood and adopted if one wants to experience equality in totality. The dictionary definition of Neutrality is 

  1. The state of not supporting or helping either side in a conflict, disagreement, etc

  2. Absence of decided views, expression, or strong feeling.

The process of creating Neutrality within Gender is the key to build a strong identity, acceptability, adaptability and agility in an individual. The gender identity is built on various factors which keep influencing their way of thinking, behaviour, mannerisms, approach toward life, interpersonal skills, wanting to get accepted or acknowledged, acceptance, ability to handle stress, identity with the society and its culture.

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