Abusive relationships with elevated status

Many a times women are supported, encouraged, driven towards success by a partner who she thinks is her saviour but most of them end up or suffer to realise that was a manipulative and abusive relationship.

Many fall for the partners who applaud the success, motivate you to perform and encourage to cross the limits of achievement. This is a beautiful trap women fall who are into high drive and desire for success. This happens in marriages, relationships, offices etc.

One finds the truth only when the success becomes a commodity instead of celebrations.

It becomes a way of life then milestones to be achieved. In some cases such women become Permanent driver and never get a chance to live life.

Mariah Carey a famous singer married a manger who gave her the break to release her albums. Later she found out he was the abusive and manipulative partner. Many successful women find manipulative partners with ambitious minds.

I would like to highlight that there are genuine partners too who support their women with true passion and find happiness in her success. This is written based on the various cases handled by me under Poornam foundation’s counselling vertical.



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