Antonym of Sexual Harassment

If you google search the harassment you will find at least five pages are mentioning the harassment. From the time the POSH act has been implemented, there is so much written about harassment that the harassment word has become a Brand in itself, harassment as a Brand now. Everyone would like to talk about harassment in advertisements, media, talk shows, forums, defining harassment from different ways such as legal, emotional, psychological, social, logical, philosophical, criminal , and more. We have forgotten the other part, the opposite of harassment. I just thought that let me search for the antonyms for harassment and they were very few compared to the synonyms for the harassment. The antonyms for the harassment are aid, comfort, contentment, delight, happiness, help, joy, peace, pleasure, assistance, facilitation, furtherance, support

The opposite of sexual harassment is sexual pleasure. It's not in our culture to talk about sexual pleasure in spite of Kamasutra, other than just talking about the act defines that how woman's body, emotions are to be respected, create a connection, build trust. Various ways of making her happy, ensuring that the woman is ready for the pleasure, winning her confidence, listening to her. Make her wanted, respect her body, emotions, senses, desires. We don't speak about sexual pleasure, no pre-relationship or marriage sessions. This is one of the reasons why sexual harassment happens without knowing that that one is actually harassing a woman. Many girls go on dates a come back with harassment issues. Women and men, get engaged and without knowing what's in it. In Kamasutra they have mentioned that the penetration doesn't happen in the first three days, Ambiences are created, spent time together, get time to know each other, get time to understand each other, it's not about first-night Suhaag Raat what they show in movies. It's not about you finding someone ultimately to penetrate into officially.

We need more and more official sexual relationship counselors, experts in our scriptures to talk to young adults. They need not be doctors or psychologists but knowing the true wisdom written in our ancient scriptures on sexual pleasure is in respecting each other, building trust and confidence.

It is a Sexual Inclusivity.

Author Rajashri Rajashekhar

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