Archetypes and Role Models keep changing

I was listening and reading through life's journey of many women such as J K Rowling, Jennifer Lopez, Protima Bedi etc. These women walked life on their terms to accomplish their dream. JLO always wanted to dance & rock the stage, J K Rowling wanted to present her writing, Protima always questioned the stereotype social living & her Oddisi dance made her establish Gurukul for Dance forms Nrtityagram. None of them had an easy path. They were in relationships, had heartbreaks, broken marriages, lack of funds & social support for some time, judged & much more. It's an ongoing process for them, today maybe they are facing different challenges (Except Protima Bedi, who passed away). It made them a better person & a woman to be seen as a role model.

One can reach out to such inspiring women or learn from them based on the phase of your life. There can't be a single woman who can be your role model forever but there can be multiple who can come as an archetype to teach you. As you evolve, your role model too keeps changing. It's important to choose the right one at the right time who can inspire you.


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