BADHAAI DO - Normalisation

Badhaai Do a movie about the LGBTQ is showing various dimensions of sexuality

and gender. This one movie intently showcases the difference between sexuality, gender identity, recognition of choices of life, and realistic cultural and societal influence on the life of a person. What I liked about this movie is the main characters the boy and a girl or very well educated, pursuing their career, Realistically also identify with their gender with the gender role and identify their sexuality with their inner choice. So the hero of the movie is a cop using his masculinity, and his social status as a role man to do his job as a police officer without getting confused with his sexual orientation.

Similarly, a girl who is a PT teacher is following her feminine attributes, she has a love for the children, a desire to have a family, and generic girlish fun she is enjoying in her life. The partners are depicted as educated, following their careers, having maturity and sensibility to differentiate between their jobs, their choices of life, their sexuality, and the dilemma or challenges that they have gone through while discovering themselves. The sexuality over the gender role, self-identity, or professional roles is dramatized.

The movie has been able to distinguish perfectly between societal roles, sexuality, job performance, and identity. The trauma that they have gone through and the way they want to open themselves and identify themselves are shown on the real platform. It gives a lot of role modeling to the LGBTQ community to find the choices in life in spite of a number of oppositions and challenges faced in the movie. It has normalized that as a part and parcel of life and its acceptance. All the characters continuously work towards managing this aspect of life. In today's scenario, society is not yet ready, there is no acceptance, less awareness, opposition, and the acceptance won't be easily available. It’s still important to live their normal life in a binary world, and deal with themself internally and externally is shown beautifully in this movie.

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