DecoupleD - Most required Mindset Change - Divorce

New Netflix movie decoupled - it's a serial and which is actually changing the stereotype around divorce, children getting affected, discussions, statements, comments made around separation, parental view, the societal view around divorces, and normalization of the relationships after the couple is separated

The serial also depicted an event of decoupled, which means at a ceremony both of them very joyously accepted that they are no more interested in being with each other, celebrated the togetherness and now the separation to live their life as different individuals. Especially in Indian society, separation, divorce, or getting into another relationship, having a family which is cordial based on the common goals, for the benefit of the children yet leaving independent life is uncommon. It's a matter of family status, social image, social acceptance, perception of a woman, and acceptance of children etc.

It may be still happening in many places yet superficially or visibly not portrayed as a

positive sign towards bringing balance and any kind of adjustments for the child's sake, freedom for self, and fearless acceptance in front of the society. The choices that you make for your well-being and for your life are not well taken by family, friends, and society as a whole. Interestingly there is a party is announced for the decoupling, and people who have been part of their life share their experiences, opinions, perceptions while having a round table dinner. The driver who has been their closest witness when they were in love with each other, in the journey of their relationship, and how in the end they started fighting with each other, how It led to the ultimate silence which he observed as the end of the relationship. A number of times the silence is considered as peace or re-working of the leftover parts of the marriage or the relationship to restart. However, this kind of silence is the end of most of the wants, demands, and desires from each other. It's a game of a relationship and not the selfish expression of the relationship. It's an ongoing game that creates the spice and the fire without which the silence brings the detachment and takes away the emotional aspect. Detachment in marriage is not applicable since here we are involved in acting and learning certain aspects of life as a unit.

This serial has projected a huge step towards helping children look at their parents from a distance as two individuals, having their own life and freedom and opportunities to make their own choices. There are dialogues or scenes which may be offensive or which can be sometimes beyond the normal acceptance and imagination of a person. However, that is the society in which every

individual operates, within their own domain. Once we accept this domain, it drives us towards knowing people, their diverse ta thoughts, limitations, etc without being judgemental. There are many movies and topics that are shared on various media platforms but decoupled is the new change and wave bringing positivity in separation. divorced relationship and children's future. Post the divorce, two individuals need not be an enemy to each other, can be the best friends and different kinds of relationships can emerge which can be a support as well as the end of this personal intimation and the start of maybe a new world itself which is fresh start.

Rajashri Rajashekhar

Gender Neutrality Researcher

Writer - Media Influence over Gender Perception

Expert in Gender Diversity, Inclusion & Neutrality

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