Tribhaga Movie-Choices women make

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Tribhanga, the latest movie by By Renuka Shahane. If you remember Renuka Shahane has been a very well known person for some qualitative TV programmes, roles of substance and quality storylines. Looking at the cast of the movie, written by Renuka Shahane attracted me to watch the movie to understand what message Renuka Shahane wants to give out. Tribhanga is a story of three women from different generations, mother, daughter and granddaughter.

Each is depicted with different life journey and their responses and reactions to the challenges faced by them. Each of them was right in their own way yet it stirred life of the next generation. Nayan, Mother the passionate writer wants to dedicate her life for writing. She rebels against the traditional family structure and leaves to find her calling along with her two children. That was her response to life and her choices.

Nayan’s choices and decision affect daughter Anurdha’s life including the sexual molestation and domestic violence she experiences at a young age. She rebels to define her life’s journey & becomes a different person. An accomplished dancer and actor. In personal life an abrasive woman, living life on her terms.

Anuradha’s choices and decisions of living life on her terms stir the life of granddaughter of Nayan and daughter of Anuradha. The granddaughter Masha makes a choice of finding a family of the patriarchal model. Full family, caring, protection, elderly controlling the life of youngsters, traditions, rituals etc.

Anuradha brings up her daughter with a lot of care & protection. Masha makes choices exactly opposite to the choices made by mother and grandmother and she has her own reasons why she made those choices. She also has her own reasons where she blames her mother for the life she went through when she was small.

Each woman responds to life as per her experiences and her ability to get out of it, have different experiences which make her believe in her life and comforts her. I appreciate the depth of the thought process of Ranuka ji, there is nothing right and wrong there is nothing bad or good. I think the time has come for women to choose their family type. Some women would prefer the patriarchal family, for protection & care, some women would prefer to live life without a socially defined relationship with a man like the matriarchal family. Some women may just decide to pursue their own passion and profession for what they believe is the only way to fulfil their life.

This gives a bigger perspective on the futuristic society where men and woman will have their own choices to live their life without getting entangled into social pressure. This also brings a change in society to accept and embrace their choices so that they are able to live for what they believe is their right to live with happiness and dignity.

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