Dolly Kitty Aur Woh Chamakte Sitare -Single women 5.5% vs men 1.5%

The two women, younger has one just come to a city for career prospects & the older one has been staying in the city with a family & job.

The movie shows awareness of their identities by stumbling upon something out of the norms of life. Dolly ends up finding love & desire, whereas kitty joins the call center where the love is sold only for men.

The call center is selling love for Men but there is no such arrangement easily & openly available for women who are living a lonely life. Incidentally, India has 5.5% of #women who live #alone, whereas single #men living alone is 1.5%. In India, 50.3% population never #married. The proportion of #widowed/ #divorced/ #separated women is higher than that of men in all states & Union Territories.

Dolly is an Indian woman of today who is financially independent, knows the value of life, knows her desires & wants, managing multiple fronts but still dependent on the perception & influence of family, society, husband to experience it fully.

Women are losing their roof to find #freedom. Society has to think about this growing population. Need supportive, constructive steps. As a Founder of #poornamfoundation, we find acceptance of these women is less or in a hush.

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