“Fireplay Lane”-Sakhi Moment

“Fireplay Lane” a new series on Netflix. It's about the friendship of two girls who happened to meet because of the destiny exactly opposite in nature, one is wild and another sober. It's about how they sustain their friendship until their 40. A movie is a typical fictional story, some plots and action depicted were out of sync. Still, I loved the friendship between two girls. Sometimes many relationships such as father and daughter, mother and son husband and wife, sister and brother etc. can be still awkward compare to the relationship between two girls. Especially when these two girls are grown up together, have experienced the life experiences and ups and downs together. There are things that at times you can't tell a man but you need a woman of your age to confess and feel confident. I was able to gather the “Sakhi Moment” with both of them.

In Indian Scriptures, Sakhi has given the special position in the life of a woman. If you see Woman understanding another woman, supporting another woman, standing by another woman, Being there for another woman can be more profound and enchanting compared to having a man in life. This may be because we are not finding the polarity here or figuring out the balance between two opposites. The beauty of the opposite gender polarity merging together and finding the balanced existence is different from two women bonding together and are able to synchronise their act because of the similarities and ability to dive into each other's being. It's the unspoken and unwritten realisation of knowing each other in an unknown environment but known patterns. It's a good movie, though in the end, I felt it was concluded abruptly in the last episode. However, I will give more marks to the

“Sakhi” concept that emerged beautifully in this movie. Also, it need not be a lesbian relationship always when two women get close to each other.

Sakhi is not only a friend, confidante and even accomplice to the Nayak nayikas but is also a Guru to them. Cajoling, sermonising, and even chastising at times Krishna, the God, himself to meet Radha who is a mortal embodiment of Mahamaya and vice versa.

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