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There is a serial on Amazon prime "Four More Shorts Please", about four girls from different backgrounds, one is a lawyer, single mother & a divorcee, second is a start-up business owner, third is a fitness expert from the interiors of India and she is a bisexual and the fourth is a girl from a typical Mumbai family with the Sanskari atmosphere trying to find herself and her family is finding a groom for her.

As I was watching through the entire episode and I could relate so much with the phases of a woman's life. In the life of Sansjakri girl, she poses herself anonymously on a soft porn site, finds people loving her body for which she was body-shamed and categorized based on her looks, body size, and not having perfect and chiseled features. The start-up girl is finding herself through various relations, overcoming the challenges in her start-up and writing. The single mother and divorcee, a lawyer, highly professional woman is completely overwhelmed with the mother's role, professional demands, her own desires, her wanting to do more than just working & balancing various acts, at the same time facing the truths about herself her wants. The last one is the bisexual girl who is completely into a fitness chiseled body open-minded person, new in the city. Her coming from the interior of India, looking at city life, finding her love in one of the celebrity actresses helps her find herself.

All four characters have portrayed the constant challenges that women face in their life. It also shows that what they are, what they want, what they desire, is not about being right or wrong. There is nothing acceptable or not acceptable, what they do is correct in their eyes rather than the eyes of the world. They lead a single life,

lonely life, happy life, Joy, etc. in spite of having so much action around them. There is a Sakhi moment between them. Sakhi moment can never happen with a man. A man can be your protector, your guide, an anchor, one who can lead you or carry you actually in his hands. The Sakhi moment is where there is the Sakhi who is going through the same life like yours, she is experiencing similar emotions as yours, she is able to relate and feel the sensations of your body, the emotional connect and messy life emerging out of such emotional bonds. In our Scriptures, it is mentioned that the man has more Chakras is between his heart and genitalia, whereas is Woman has a direct connection from her genitalia to her heart so when she's involved physically and she is touched by someone there is a connection that happens directly without any hindrance to her heart and the love overflows. The touch can be sexual and nonsexual, these four women are touchy-Feely about each other, open about each other's life and the connection through their heart and they are there for each other. This is the kind of friendship that exists in the Sakhi moment. As a Gender expert, I would say that the most wonderful gender experience is without going into any gender definitions is the Sakhi moments.

The expressions, dialogues, the script are written wonderfully, especially you must watch the stand-up comedy by this Sanskari girl. Just by doing that she is making everyone unlearn about things that we were compulsorily taught to live, behave and believe as right and wrong. There is nothing right and wrong these are the situations you know within which a woman is going back and forth. In that situation, she is finding the moment and taking decisions that matter to her and she stands by it.

Author Rajashri Rajashkhar

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