"She" Netflix movie, Woman's Discovery

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

She, the Netflix movie by Imtiyaz Ali

The name caught my attention and I thought of watching the episodes

The character portrayed in the movie is of a woman with different forms and roles that she is forced to exhibit based on the situation. The difference is in her ability to discover various facets of life and those who can’t was her compulsions.

Many women discover themselves the life’s situations force them. It becomes a newer way of life.

There is a woman

There is committed police staff

There is a simple girl who has gone through child abuse

There is a revengeful side of her for the life that she is forced to live in a myopic society

There is a desire to have sex yet confused about it

Discovering her sexuality beyond forceful experience

This movie brings out another dimension of every woman having the simplicity to sensuality. Most of the time, especially countries like India, It is denied due to social & cultural norms of perception of a woman, categorised based on the exterior appearance etc. In some women, it Is shunned by herself because of life's negative experiences that are unassuming and culturally suppressed.

She as a movie brigs out many ways in which a woman is trying to explore her own self. Typical syndrome of a woman working in the price department but prefers to work behind the desk. Today also many police stations women either are working behind the desk or they are provided with those responsibilities.

However, as the plot gets more intense and a woman is cornered the real self comes out. Recognition and inner fight with the self-image while comparing with her sister comes out. As the fight ends she finds the answer and before that the answers are provided by everyone else except her. The journey of her finding the answer is tough yet adventures.

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