How Kali almost Killed Shiva

Once Many evil forces started taking over the world. So Kali went into a fury. When she went wild, there was no stopping her. It was going on, beyond reason. Because her fury had picked up such momentum. Everyone approached Shiva & said, “She is going on like this. She is your woman. Please do something to rein her in.”

Shiva approached Kali as he knew her. He went towards her without aggression, not in a battle mode. He simply went. But Kali’s energy went to such a scale that it knocked Shiva himself down. When she realised she slowed down & once again breathed life into him.

This & many stories of Devi are written, on how her energies are used for the purpose. Every woman has a Devi within with those energies & purpose. Every man has a Lord Shiva within him with an ability to create a calming effect. View the situation dispassionately, with clarity & read as it demands. Here, Lord Shiva has risen above the action by allowing himself to control the situation.

A mismatch, polarisation & overpowering influence destroys such complementary attributes. Whereas, the completeness (Poornam) comes when a similar balance is achieved internally as well as externally by realising the equation.


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