In kilometres and kilometres - Patriarchal Man

A beautiful movie in Tamil, It's a story you know between a driver of an American tourist who takes the tourist around India on a bike and just thought that let me see what is the message & kind of bonding they develop. As I keep watching the movie, at some stage it starts with the language barrier, woman wanting to see the diversity of India, Beauty of India. In one of their conversation, a woman asks the driver why is he travelling ? so he says I don't like to travel so far but I have to earn for my family, my mother, my sister’s education & marriage. She says it's your money and you are wasting your money by spending on them. He says no no you don't understand I am a man(Purusha) of the house so I have a responsibility towards them this is my duty(Dharma) so I have to earn for them.

In our scriptures it is defined the duties of Purusha which are not male dominating but caring, protecting and being responsible towards family, women, family members. Purushasuktma says

The Purusha (Universal Being) has Thousand Heads, Thousand Eyes and Thousand Feet (Thousand signifies innumerable which points to the omnipresence of the Universal Being),

He envelops the World from all sides (i.e. He pervades each part of the Creation), and extends beyond in the Ten Directions ( represented by Ten Fingers )

It means the Purusha has a macro-level effect in the universe, he thinks of the bigger and wider horizon and embraces everyone under him.

She says no you're wasting your money, this is the very clear difference between the culture and the ideologies that are there in these two worlds. In India, the patriarchy which has been following for years has passed down the role modelling of a man. Here we are not dwelling upon the other side of the patriarchy which got distorted, changed because of invaders and any other reasons. It's the originality and the true concept behind the patriarchy that reflects through his expression. A man considers himself as a protector, caregiver of the family, takes over the baton from his father. In many Scriptures, it is mentioned that the Man architects, he designs, envisages the bigger pictures. We have seen traditionally man creating a family, making it big and a woman comes inside with her energy, with her versatility and the colours of emotions that she brings along with her she makes it beautiful.

He looks at the bigger picture of the same where she ensures that picture is painted well with her ideas, energies, colours and emotions that is where the union of two aspects come at Universal level, metaphysical level, emotional level, intellectual level and then at the physical level.

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