Recently I had undertaken a small survey and nearly 100+ men & women from different strata of the society, age group, background, education, cities, participated in the survey.

A higher percentage of participants didn't care if its arranged marriage or a Love marriage. Actually, only 20% said match-making is fine. Most of them had a thought process saying love is important.

A very interesting fact I noticed, in one of the categories I wrote "single", many further bifurcated on their own "Widow", Divorcee", "Bachelor" rather than just being a "Single" is it a reflection of the society? I should be me rather than the adjective of happenings of life for me.

Further, from a study point of view, I have been watching a serial on marriages and was disappointed with the propaganda of match-making.

There is a differentiation between Traditional Indian families and modern NRI families whereas both are into the matchmaking agenda.

There are families where parents are dominating the selection

The judgment and opinion of a person doing the matchmaking is biased towards independent women as a misfit for Indian families

If nothing happens then the support of an astrologer is taken

We are building a class within that Gender role is identified.

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