Jewel - Woman's Life

The jewel movie is about a woman and her struggle to look after her special child that she delivers at the late age of her life. It occupies her entire life by sacrificing her dreams, her own self to give the best of things to her daughter. As I was watching this movie there were many dimensions from the women's roles point of you surfaced and which gives her the unique position as a woman in the house. She's a mother of all the other 4 children, that she has been there for every child. When she delivers the special child her entire focus gets devoted towards this newborn baby with down syndrome and the kind of difficulties that she has to face while bringing up the child. At the end of the movie, she's been accused by her other children that she didn't give enough attention which was required for other children. She has the responsibility of looking after the other grandchildren of a daughter who has just divorced and come back. Husband's demands on moving out of a small town to a bigger city with a condition that someday they will be ready to go back.

In this entire movie if you see the woman is living her life on the edge, with conditions from everywhere. The condition of a down syndrome child that she delivered though nobody accused her of delivering such a child the condition of a child compelled her to be there with the child all the time resulting in the accusation/ blame of other children that she was never there for them. Husband had a condition that he is ready to sell the property from the small town only if they are ready to come back and she settles for that because she knows that at that point of time the critical thing is to get the good facility, education, and treatment for her down syndrome daughter.

If you look at this movie at end of the movie she had to give away the child to an institution because the child is the girl is growing and after their death, someone is required to look after that daughter in a good facility. The value of a woman in this movie is seen as long as she is of use to every person in the house she is living under various conditions and subject to the demand of people in the house including the house servant is giving her two bits, it's a whirlpool within which she is trying to fix things. It shows that the woman has the capacity to embrace everything only if it is acknowledged and understood, given her respect and space to breathe.

I think she brings wonders to everyone because everyone wants her role as a mother, as a wife, as a girlfriend, everything you name it and she is there. The beautiful movie being a Gender Neutrality expert I reviewed the movie from a Gender point of you. The role of a woman nowadays is not portrayed in movies because it is a traditional women's role. According to me and my research, this role never goes away, you don't give away something which is inherent within you, which is part of you, which is the huge capacity and potential & energy you carry to embrace, to be inclusive and magnanimity to take everybody along with you. God has gifted special qualities to a Woman and that is why they say that woman is the incarnation of a Prakriti, takes everyone along with her. Prakruthi does not discriminate or shy away, knows every aspect that is there in the universe, and because Prakriti is constantly moving she never rests, she never takes break not because she cannot take but she is alive, she is a child, she is engaging, she is complete with everything that's within her and outside her. Its an essence of a woman and her existence and her being that should not be compromised dropped to bring or ask for equality with a man there is something Man has which is completely different and which is unique for himself let that be nurtured and complement the vastness and limitless of Prakriti.

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