Male Birds and Gender

In the Animal World, Male birds are beautiful, they bring out beauty by flaunting colors, dance, beautiful sounds, etc. It is done for a female bird who is not as beautiful as them. There are two ways the masculine conquers the feminine, fighting or wooing her. It's natural instinct of a masculine quality/ Gender, which reflects in bringing pride & sense of achievement. Today there are hardly any opportunities to genuinely fight for feminine. We are no more true warriors inside or outside.

When the quality of masculinity to achieve and conquer is lost, the acknowledgment of nurturing the feminine is lost. Masculinity is identified in working, earning, lifestyle, & socializing. It's not conquering but living in a world that is already stabilized. Once you live in the stabilized world challenge of finding feminine ends. The nature of the true feminine is, it waits to be nurtured & to be found. It becomes a crossroad.

When the primary desire of masculine is to achieve and conquer doesn't get its due outlet then it gets transmuted into risky behavior, violent, Inflated ego, unreasonable demands, and illusionary macho image formation.

*masculinity/feminity can be applied to both Genders


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