Movie Grace & Frankie - Gender Talk - Growing Older Population

It's a comedy serial of 2 separated elderly couples, age of 70, How women are trying to cope up with it & men are engaged in their pursuit.

It also reflected on the life of the old population across the world & India. The older population is growing more in urban areas

The number of people in the world aged 60 years or over is projected to grow by 56%, by 2030

Women accounted for 54% of the global population aged 60 years

8.4% of India’s population is above the age of 60 years.

By 2061 the elderly population (of and above 60 years) in India will increase to 425 million.

In 42 years, the number of 60+ people will be four times its current strength.

The statistical data shows serious change in our mindset/policies/Social acceptance is required

1) Govt Policies - Healthcare, social security

2) Employment policies - Opportunities for above 60 skilled population

3) The loneliness - Open mind to go for companion/partner/Dating/Re-marriage/Counselling

4) The active life - Deliberate Engagement/training to avoid mental issues which are growing as per the data

5) Women outliving the men - Special policies for women / social support / Security


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