Movie - Once again - Matured Love and Society

What a beautiful movie on Netflix. Once again is a beautiful story of love between two lonely individuals because of their own circumstances. The circumstances have forced them to get fully engaged in their profession get the end of the day there is a loneliness and wanting to be with someone. The Love Has evolved over a year and experienced through just knowing each other rather than seeing each other. This movie throws various dimensions of a woman's life and man's life delicately, how the fears, doubts and social restrictions stop a person from fully engaging in a relationship. This movie also has brought out various features of women's life, man's life, society, as a family, the relationship between child and parent. If you look at the woman's life after her husband's death the woman has dedicated herself to the child and their upbringing, she has almost given up on herself, her desires to give a good life and stable family atmosphere for her children. This has lead children to feel that the mother has a life that is revolving around them and the family. It appears when the tabloid print news with a photograph go her and an actor. It also shows that the desire of a man, his love, wanting to have someone in life it's still burning within him but camouflaged under the social personal and cultural pressures.

The actor has everything in his life, he can buy everything with his money still end of the day there is a feeling of loneliness which is overwhelming when he reaches home and eagerly waits to call Tara to hear her voice. In one of the dialogue when he opens up and breaks he tells her that he was trying to hide of wanting to love her, care for her and want to walk with her. This showcases the man's desire who is truly in love is to take care of a woman, walk beside to her protect her and love her so universal attraction. It's a phenomenon which is visible through his various expressions. What is the protection for a woman who is financially independent, has her own identity, has a whole life, still something is missing and what is that is missing which she is looking for and what is that something he wants to give?

End of the movie they break the stereotype of love for the adjective or to form something or to define something but decide to go with the flow and the feelings that are precious.

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