The Music Teacher Movie - Gender Talk - Polarity

There are two female characters in the movie, a young girl who is in love with her music teacher and another woman who is looking for love from a music teacher.

Have you noticed the similarity in both the characters that they are looking for love, one over her career and another over her life's trauma. One is thriving in fame, money, and success whereas another is living the pain of life. However, both are looking for love.

It is a feminine desire to be loved, to love, to care, be empathetic, to be collaborative, to expand. Masculine quality is to achieve, accomplish, acquire. The society too desires that a Masculine should achieve and becomes a matter of acceptance. Those who are achieving and accomplishing can be men or women. It results in the game of extreme polarity. The person starts moving away from the center. Imagine an organization of employees who are living on extreme polarity including leaders.


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