Why Goddess Parvati does Tapas to get Lord Shiva?

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Goddess Parvathy is power. She is humanity & creation, the heat of our body, breath, Shakti, righteous anger, wealth, wisdom & knowledge. She wanted to bring Lord Shiva out of meditation. She looked after him, serviced him by doing everything for him, she used the Kama to distract him but Lord Shiva burnt him with the third eye. Parvati realised, winning Shiva needs more than what she has done already.

Shakti flows through us continuously in various forms. It can be destructive or constructive yet has a purpose & meaning to it. When the purpose is over, stillness & inner peace is required to bring by controlling the senses and emotions. This is the spiritual meaning of the story. Now look at it from another perspective, Parvathi tried to get Lord Shiva out of his meditative state by serving him, looking after him, doing daily chores for him yet he was not responding. She tried sending kama still he didn't move. Finally, she realised the only way to connect with him is through an inner journey. Many a time the externalization of emotions & senses beyond its purpose creates a loop that results in conflict in either of the Gender.

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